We are a husband and wife team who have now invested in the hospitality industry. Roy having worked for himself as an attorney for nine years , being a town manager for three years, as well as serving on boards as a Legal Advisor has been to various places in and out of South Africa including contries like United Kingdom,France,Ireland ,Sweden,Denmark,USA ,Swaziland,Botswana ,Mozambique and Lesotho just to mention a few.

Roy had taken note of some of the errors his counter-parts have made thus failing to please some of their guests. Having noted such he advised his wife Miranda and together they worked on how to try and rectify the common mistakes committed by other entities to make their guests always to look forward to being welcomed to their home. Besides having travelled a lot the couple has also been in the hospitality industry running pubs and bottle store and organising events like festivals and conferences, thus being with people has become a way of life for them.

Their life motto has been " We meet people,to prepare us to understand the future".Thus those that have come into contact with us have become part of our family as they always come back to our warm welcome.

                                                                          Thus at La Picasso :

                                 " WE ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU "